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Guest Blogs are provided by our Eduzine Gold subscribers and Global Young Ambassadors. They are moderated for acceptable language (swearing or offensive words are not permitted) and 'positivity' only and as such reflect the bloggers views and not necessarily the views of Eduzine Global. In the interests of allowing genuinely FREE SPEECH our blogs are not edited nor modified for style or grammar, excepting only very obvious 'errors'.

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Elisa's Blog - Rising Above The Stigma Elisa's Blog - Rising Above The Stigma Learning Disabilities Association Of York Region Elisa Blasi is an Ambassador for LDAYR. She shares her experiences with Eduzine Global around life with learning disabilities, via a series of blogs in 2015.   Rising Above The Stigma By: Elisa Blasi – LDAYR Ambassador Have you ever played the word association game? In general, someone says a word and you have to say the first thing that comes to mind. For example, if I said “dog” you might say “cat” or if I said, “moon” you might say “sun”. It’s a great way of uncovering an in... 13-07-2015 | Society & Enterprise | Featured Blog

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