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The Eduzine Global ac-ADAM-y section features information and promotional material about our current Mentees, Interns and Protégés as well as Graduates of our acadamy. The mis-spelling of 'academy' is deliberate!


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Eduzine ac-ADAM-y Eduzine Ac-ADAM-y Launched The Eduzine ac-ADAM-y brings together professional business support & mentoring services provided by Eduzine Global and its partners under a new banner. The... 07-06-2015 | ac-ADAM-y | Article
Boitshoko Jeremia Boitshoko Jeremia Award Winning Young African Film-Maker Set For More Success Boitshoko Jeremia is an incredible young film-maker from Botswana. His film 'Predators Paradise', first promoted by Eduzine Gl... 07-06-2015 | ac-ADAM-y | Article
  • Njabulo Moyo
  • Anurah Farrell

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Sweet Success For Volunteer Trevis Sweet Success For Volunteer Trevis Trevis Belle Is Making A Difference Everywhere Eduzine Global is proud to introduce a young man from the Caribbean island of St.Kitts, who is sweetness personified on the island known loc... 31-01-2016 | ac-ADAM-y | Blog
Happy You Day 2016 Eduzine Global Celebrates Third Annual You Day! By Ariadna Natteri Back in 2014, one night while listening to One Direction (I know right, are they even a thing at this point?) I was... 23-01-2016 | ac-ADAM-y | Blog
  • Simone & Holland Are Striving To Be Weird
  • Sohil Empowering His Peers
  • Innovator Aidan Reaches Out

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In Pictures

Boitshoko's First Gallery Boitshoko Jeremia is a young film maker and photographer from Botswana. His back yard is the many wildlife reserves and national parks, including j... 01-11-2015 | 1 Comment | ac-ADAM-y | Blog

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In Film

Sandy Sings Kone Nkoko Sandy Sings Kone Nkoko Move Over Psy ... It's Time For Sandy! This is a track with the beat, the catchy chorus and the d... 18-12-2015 | ac-ADAM-y | Blog
Zimbabwe's Finest Motivator Up Close And Personal With Njabulo Moyo Cultivating a culture of thinking and living with a posit... 05-11-2015 | ac-ADAM-y | Blog
  • Little Africa
  • Frustrations

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Our ac-ADAM-y is so called in honour of our dear former poetry editor, ambassador and inaugural Eduzine Global ACE Young Achiever, Adam Bojelian, who sadly passed away in March 2015 aged just 15. Adam was such a hugely inspirational young man and an award winning poet who proved that achieving your dreams was possible, despite any obstacles. Adam's legacy lives on through his own work, campaigns & achievements, as well as through our work at Eduzine Global. Adam's star quality lights the way for all other young people and forever shines brightly over our amazing world.

The ac-ADAM-y celebrates those young achievers with whom our consulting and mentoring team at Eduzine Global and the wider Eduzine Group, is working, or has worked, to develop & promote their work and careers.

Our aim is to provide mentorship, support, promotion and advice to the young people in our ac-ADAM-y, completely FREE of charge, funded via sponsorship

Please Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about our ac-ADAM-y or if you wish to either sponsor young individuals or if you wish to become an Eduzine Global ac-ADAM-y sponsor. 

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