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Sobina's Universal Appeal

Date: 01-12-2015
Author: Sobina Yu

Sobina Yu In Her Own Wonderful Words

Our latest Eduzine Global Young Ambassador is Sobina Yu, an ardent astronomy lover from the Philippines. Sobina told Eduzine her own remarkable and heart-warming story and appeals to our other Ambassadors and readers for support. Welcome to Sobina, from all the Eduzine Global family. Enjoy the beautiful words of Sobina:

My name is Maria Sobina Yu, though people usually call me by the name Sobina which is often shortened to Bina by my circle of good friends. As you can probably tell by the name that I am authorized to carry, I am Chinese. As a Chinese kid, I am expected to follow the footsteps of my parents on their business career, which is something I know deep down, I will never achieve. My family (I have a sister and we’re 4 in total including my parents; pictured below) loves me and I love them in return. Although I belong to a family where expression of emotions are not prevalent, I have never been hungry nor had no clothes to wear. Although I can’t really say that I belong to a family who’s proud and accepting of me, I can say that I belong to a caring family who will give me the best part of a venison to feast on and who will give me the best silk to wear.

I never had the easy and graceful way my sister pronounces Chinese phrases, nor did I have the exceptional scores in Chinese that she can usually achieve easily and without any hindrance. This unlikely circumstance has ended in a long-lasting feud between me and my parents, which jeopardized our usually happy and normal relationship. For once, things got worse when I told my parents that I don’t want to pursue music any more than I want to return to China after I graduate college here in the Philippines. Now this left our relationship hanging. Please don’t get me wrong, as my parents aren’t cruel. On the contrary, they are actually religious and benevolent people. My parents will bring me to church every Sunday, and together with the guiding light of the Holy Spirit, I will pray and venerate with them. What actually happened to our relationship is this. My father is a musician, and on the early point of my life, I used to follow his footsteps as a musician. That is, I will sing and play the piano with him. However, as time goes by, I noticed that music in particular wouldn’t help me satiate this “hunger” circulating within me and that I couldn’t also explain.

Then, the biggest turning point on my life happened. I told them that I don’t want to pursue music anymore and I want to go after science instead. Well this badly angered my parents. Although I have garnered numerous local awards from the fields of science, they never agreed to fetch nor help me. This injured me so much that it left me a scar that couldn’t possibly be erased no matter what. However, looking at the positive side, my life at my home inspired me overall to be better. It ignites me to be more resilient, more mature, and more passionate. My parents explained to me the reason why they don’t want me to enter the world of STEM. According to their account, STEM doesn’t produce enough money to suffice the needs of a growing family once I have a family of my own in the future. Actually their account lies some unfavorable truth in it. STEM here in the Philippines are so poor and degrading that those who have graduated a course for scientists will often end up as a call center agent or as a teacher instead. My parents love me so much that they want me to change my route while I’m still young so that in the future, I won’t encounter any financial hardships.

As time goes by, I found myself drawn to the various branches of STEM. I gradually became interested with how the cosmos and nature work. I realized that I want to become an astronaut more than I want to become a businesswoman, which I know piqued my parents more than I could possibly imagined. When I told my parents that I wanted to pursue science as my main career, their response was negative. From that day onwards, I knew that I am alone in my voyage, with no one there to help me aside from my ever supporting friends who are more than willing to help me in any ways possible.

As I began my journey to my dreams, one thing in particular caught my attention. That is, not many Filipinos realized and acknowledged the importance of science, especially astronomy. The problem with us humans is that we mostly want something if there’s money in return, without us realizing that this greed could possibly lead to our own destruction. With this unfavorable situation I am presented with, I am suddenly filled with the motivation to preach to the entire nations of China and the Philippines that STEM is important and not futile as most people probably thought it is. I became the youngest and a fully-fledged member of the Astronomical League of the Philippines (ALP), wherein we cater and focus on the practical side of astronomy, such as the operation of telescopes. Then, I joined the Philippine Astronomical Society, wherein we help Filipinos indulge in astronomy and we help astronomy grow throughout the country. Finally, last April, I entered the Astronomers without Borders wherein we have a vision of one people, one sky. All of these happened without my parents knowing it, up to this day. I know that joining different clubs will not be enough for people to see my goal, so I created a lot of websites that could aid me in my journey.

With the help of Mr. Richard Pearson, I became an ambassador for our blog dedicated to Sir Patrick Moore. I then became an associate editor at the “Astronomy & Space” page at Facebook. I flooded my Twitter account with Astronomy related posts. My personal blog “The Cosmic Wanderer” is still under my own scrutiny and I will release it if and when it satisfies my own expectations. I know that all of these actions alone are not enough. I also know that my efforts could just be in vain. With this in mind, I would want to humbly ask my fellow Eduzine Global Young Ambassadors and readers of Eduzine Global for your help, to help me pursue my goal, for people to realize the importance of STEM to our society and to the evolution of humankind. It is in my own volition that I would want these things to happen. No one is forcing me to do these things.

This is my story which directed my relationship with my parents for years now. Aside from my plea for the advancements of astronomy here in the Philippines, I used to advocate the importance of our generation’s voices to be heard. Most people view our generation as sloth, destructive, or futile, but I believe that this is not it. I know that each living individual has their own meaningful story to share but they are just waiting for their own battles to cease. I hope that other people will see the beauty in each living individual too. 

I don’t know why but for some reason unbeknownst to me, it just always hit me hard when people constantly say that, “Eh you’re just a girl,” “You’re so young, what can you possibly do,” “Why won’t you study your Chinese instead of memorizing the names of the stars?” I am just forlorn because, the night sky is for everyone to relish and to grasp, but it seems like few people even acknowledge it in the very first place. I would want people to feel the solace that I’d felt when I first encountered the night sky in solitude. I know that I am not alone in my journey anymore because of the clubs that I am in and because of others such as the Eduzine Global family. With this, I would want to ask your help to help me reach my goals.

Thank you all and have a good day.

Sobina Yu


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Date: 01-12-2015
Author: Sobina Yu


Debbie Chong

19/01/2016 17:38

Our country is so fortunate to have students like Sobina - inquisitive, passionate, determined. I will vote for Sobina Yu.


19/01/2016 15:10

So proud of Sobina

Jay C.

19/01/2016 08:38

It's such a nice change to see such fuel and drive in a person so young! For being socially aware and for bravely pursuing what you really want in life, you got my vote, Sobina Yu :)


19/01/2016 08:35

Wow! Amazing ! Keep it up girl ! I will vote for sobina yu! :) :) :)

Elsie Lee

19/01/2016 05:39

Way to go Sobina !!!! I will vote for Sobina Yu !!!

Mary Grace Ngo

19/01/2016 05:07

More power to you! I vote for sobina yu.:)

Susan Cruz Diwa

19/01/2016 04:41

Chase your dreams against all odds. " May all odds be ever in your favor" One who works hard and persist in doing what makes her happy and fells fulfilled deserves all the support from every one. I vote Sobina Yu! Yes, you can do it. We believe in you! A vote for Sobina Yu!!!!

Susan Cruz Diwa

19/01/2016 02:39

Against all odds, pursue your dream and advocacy. I can only send you my prayers , young lady! Go ahead and show us all that you CAN do it. To infinity and beyond Sobina chase your dream!!!

Lolita Tang

19/01/2016 02:17

Nice work, Sabina. Keep it up. I will vote for you, Sabina Yu.

Maria Cecilia So

19/01/2016 00:54

Sometimes our parents just want to ensure a better future for us so they guide us to where it is safe and secure. Maybe you can look up Dr. Reinabelle Reyes. She's an astrophysicist, an alumna of Pisay, Ateneo and Princeton. She truly rocks in her field. Go for your dreams!


19/01/2016 00:34

Truly inspiring. God bless you, shobe. I will vote for Sobina Yu, definitely!!!!!!!!

Audrey Tan

19/01/2016 00:22

Good luck and dream big! I will vote for Sobina Yu!

Larissa Gochian

19/01/2016 00:19

Go for your dreams and reach for the stars

Jester Temporada

19/01/2016 00:06

This is very inspiring and encouraging to me since I wanted to pursue study in Physics and Astronomy. Let's keep looking up. :)

Lanie O

18/01/2016 23:55

It's very rare that a girl of your age really knows what she wants and goes for it. More power to you! I will vote for you Sobina Yu - and I hope you realize your dream!

Arlene Reyes

18/01/2016 23:32

Very inspiring article for the whole family. I will vote for Sobina Yu.

Melvin Girado

18/01/2016 13:30

Soar for the stars my fellow astronomer

Reynald Sy

18/01/2016 06:35

Nice article. I will vote for Sobina Yu.

Chantel Ang

17/01/2016 15:00



17/01/2016 11:17

Go for it!


17/01/2016 07:19

Your passion is very inspiring, Sobina! Keep the fire burning. I vote for you.


16/01/2016 15:19

You've truly sent an inspiring message to the world , Bina! Hope you could continue on this journey and touch the lives of more people.

Erika Ong

16/01/2016 15:01

Reach for the stars, shobe :)

Christine Uy

11/01/2016 15:06

Nice read!


11/01/2016 14:15

Everytime I see you, you are always holding or reading an Astronomy Book. I thought you were preparing for a contest. After i read your article, I understand your passion. Good luck Sobina, you will reach your star...... With this , I am voting for Sobina Yu.


09/01/2016 16:34

She is very passionate about studying astronomy, and is a smart young lady.


09/01/2016 15:38

Go Sobina!! Truly an amazing lady with refined knowledge!

John Go

09/01/2016 13:07

I hope you win Sobina! :) And may your dreams and wishes come true. :) Good Luck! :)

Anonymus someone

08/01/2016 15:28

Go bina ;)

Jojo Pards

08/01/2016 14:50

good luck to your dream. keep believing and reach for your goal...

Mia Abigan

08/01/2016 13:54

This was an interesting read :3 (hope you get to be an astronaut in the future!)


08/01/2016 12:56

SOBINA YU after having read your article I was inspired as well to take STEM thanks :)

Matt Yu

08/01/2016 05:44

Good luck! It was pretty inspiring to read something like this; just an awesome piece of literature too! Do what you got to do and I hope you achieve anything you dream of! Cheers!

Richard K. Myhra

08/01/2016 04:38

For what it is worth, you have my vote Maria. You're truly a rare person these days. Someday your parents will understand your calling.


07/01/2016 17:55

Sobina Yu Amazing. Your not alone Sobina!


07/01/2016 15:25



07/01/2016 14:41

nice sobina!


07/01/2016 14:14


Casey S.

07/01/2016 13:50

Such a huge inspiration for young scientists out there. Keep up the good work and more power to you. :)))))


07/01/2016 12:21

10/10 made me seriously consider maybe tearing up a little.


07/01/2016 08:47

Always have been such an inspiration, you deserve to win Bina!!


07/01/2016 06:32

Quite an inspiration. We need more people like you who are brave enough to pursue their dreams especially when these are for the sake of the good of humanity, and especially when these don't have high monetary compensation. It is unfortunately true enough that people don't really appreciate the involvement of science and technology in our daily lives, but at least among the younger generations there are people who do realize it. :)


07/01/2016 03:19

Your story is very inspiring indeed. I hope you reach your dream, Sobina. Don't forget that you have your family and God to aid you. Best wishes!


07/01/2016 03:15

Interesting read... Hope you achieve your dreams.. :)

Linius Cruz

07/01/2016 02:42

Stay focused and always be a proton (meaning, be positive). Keep on reaching your stars (dreams) and eventually you'll succeed in spite of all the difficulties.


07/01/2016 02:11

Very nice!

Victor C. Rogus

07/01/2016 01:40

Well Done! Keep up the great work!

Victoria Evarretta

06/01/2016 21:35

Wow! Very inspiring well-written article from such an obviously intelligent teenager unbelievably inflamed with the passion in astronomy and goes for it against all odds. Clap clap, Bina!

Thomas Pickett

06/01/2016 17:24

Eduzine Global Sobina Yu you are the BEST !!!!!! :-)

Jeremy Magdaong

06/01/2016 16:16

Great article Sobina! I agree that studying STEM is very important and that more Filipinos should put importance to it as we need it develop and progress as a country. I hope you continue your passion for Astronomy and Science in general and I hope that you'll inspire even more Filipinos. :)

Dreick Unemoto Serrano

06/01/2016 15:56

Your parents must be so proud of you, keep it up!!!

Edgar Ang

06/01/2016 15:33

Great!!! Sobina go for it...


06/01/2016 15:17



06/01/2016 15:11

Young people of today generally yearns for superficial desires. Sobina is an exception. This young lady wishes to discover about the cosmos and what can be greater than that? A desire to mainstream science to the public. Such desires are very selfless and deserves praise. One thing we can do is support the dream of this young lady who wish to inspire others and ignite to share her passion on astronomy. She is a voice of the youth who wishes to be heard and it is our ears that she wishes to reach.


06/01/2016 14:53

you can really feel the passion of the young astronomer. Best of luck to you!


06/01/2016 14:45

this article has inspired me to pursue what is my real goal in life


06/01/2016 13:20

this article is inspiring to the kids of our generation i gope more kids can see this and appreciate it


06/01/2016 13:20

Truly inspiring especially written by someone eho loves astroomy with all her heart. I know that you can and you will continue to reach your goals and help more people:)) keep up the good work!!!:))

Christopher Lu

06/01/2016 12:48

A very inspiring life story, Sobina. And, believe it or not, I can relate a bit to your sitiation. But it appears that you already know what you should do, so let me just say... Pervenire ad serenitatem et stellas

Jeffre Blanco

06/01/2016 11:17

Go, Sobina! Show them that you have what it takes to leave a mark in Astronomy.

Richard Pearson

06/01/2016 11:07

Sobina is a really hard working student who enjoys life to the full. So bubbly and cheerful. She aspires to be a great space scientist or even an astronaut -- one day here dream will come true. She is a good friend, and is always ready to help other students in need of support when needed and a fine educator. Good luck Bina ...

J.Annline Lim

06/01/2016 11:02

Wow! This is the BEST article that I had read in my whole life!!! It is so wonderful and inspiring! I am your #1 fan! May God bless you always! :P


06/01/2016 10:29

Never stop in your journey towards your dream, Sobina :DD Keep it up!!

John Ray Cabrera

06/01/2016 10:17

Hey there, lady from the Philippines is another Miss Universal appeal?


06/01/2016 10:16

I've always loved astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. :) Here's full support on a dream that I haven't been able to achieve. God bless you always! :)

Val Villanueva

06/01/2016 10:16

Excellent prose! It's rarity to read something technical written in style everybody understands. Way to go!

Alberto Lao

06/01/2016 10:16

Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to all of us. Good Luck!


06/01/2016 10:07

I never read such an inspiring article. I as well never related in post like this! Must read!! Great job Bin :)

Tom Pickett

10/12/2015 16:54

This is so Cool... very nice Maria :-) I Love it :-)

Nina U.

08/12/2015 00:47

Never have I encountered such a driven and persevering young woman, Bina! Your article is also very enlightening about the standing of the fields of science in the country. I certainly hope you do well in your future endeavors—with your parents by your side. :)


07/12/2015 22:39

This is a very inspiring article for young people who aspire to create a niche in the society. A must read!

Philippe Bungabong

06/12/2015 17:12

It's amazing to read an account on how deep-rooted passion could never be extinguished - not even by one's own parents. This article inspired me so much. More power to you, Bina!

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