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About Us

Welcome to Eduzine Global - the home of positive media!

Imagine a media company dedicated to empowering, promoting, showcasing & celebrating young people, through 100% positive stories & features about all young achievers. Then consider that the company is to be run by disadvantaged and disabled teenagers and young adults across the globe. That company is here, now. That company is Eduzine Global Limited. We are proud to be Eduzine Global !!!

Through our online platform, EduzineGlobal.com is a level stage for promoting, showcasing and celebrating ALL young achievers, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, status, or any other perceived inequity. We provide an equal voice for all young people whether they be an international superstar, a disabled youngster, a terminally ill child, a regular fortunate kid, a disadvantaged young adult or any young person from any background whatsoever! However large or small your achievement, we will promote, showcase and celebrate and hope that it will inspire other children and young adults to achieve! You may also buy book reports to further your writing developments.

In practical terms, EduzineGlobal.com is a website by, for and about young people and is dedicated to inspiring, promoting, supporting, empowering, showcasing and celebrating ALL young achievers across the globe. The site is maintained through sponsorship, advertising, grants and donations from those who share our values. 

EduzineGlobal.com has very strong ethical, moral and philanthropic values that run througout our global media services. We will not compromise on our values and will encourage all our sponsors, partners, colleagues, suppliers, advertisers, customers and our global audience to share our vision for One Better World.

Eduzine Global is a positive media company - by, for and about young people - that seeks to change the world of media and ultimately change lives, through positivity; leading to One Better World. We sincerely hope you appreciate our content and encourage you to contribute, with information, links, images, recordings, videos and positive stories about young people and their great achievements, irrespective of race, religion, skin colour, gender, ability/disability, personal orientation, financial circumstances, health conditions or indeed any other perceived inequality. We also invite businesses and those with financial wealth to support our cause with sponsorship, advertising and donations to our charitable cause. Contact Us for more information.

Please make Eduzineglobal.com your homepage and help Eduzine Global change the world's perceptions about our amazing younger generations.


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