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Our History

A Brief History of Eduzine

Eduzine Global started out in May 2012 as 'Eduzine', a small independent publishing organisation made up of education and business professionals with strong moral and ethical values. The Eduzine team collectively has many years’ experience as school leaders, publishers, accountants, business consultancy and project management experts. Freddie Cooper, Mark Thompson, Bridgette Fossey, Angie Jones and Gareth Jones formed the initial Eduzine Team and were soon joined by our design and print partners, Jeff and Lisa Reed. A shared passion for inspiring, promoting, showcasing and celebrating young achievers, led to the launch and publication of our first magazine on 16 January 2013.

Initially, Eduzine received a very positive, but cautious reception in the UK. However, during spring and summer 2013, as our social media presence developed, something amazing happened. Our worldwide appeal led to a surge in global interest and we then engaged with a team of international young correspondents from all 5 continents. Our online presence enabled us to connect with millions worldwide and less than 11 months after launching, we had received over 1 million unique hits on our website & facebook pages. This led to a need to review our operations, as our website could not cope and we took the decision to fully embrace the new global following. Eduzine Global was then born and our full feature media site developed and launched on 16 January 2014 ... ie on our first anniversary.

During this time we were enormously privileged to connect with Adam Bojelian, a teenager with incredible literary talent. Adam inspired the entire team at Eduzine Global and provided content, advice and real purpose to our work. Sadly, Adam passed away in March 2015, at just 15 years of age. However, his contribution, work and legacy will live on through Eduzine Global forever.

In loving memory of Adam, our 'Wee Prince of Poetry', the Eduzine Global mission is simple; "To change lives, through inspiring, promoting, supporting, empowering, showcasing  and celebrating young achievers across the globe." That includes children, young adults and those individuals, groups and organisations which support young people. We are also extremely keen to feature those who are disadvantaged in some way, be that through financial hardship, disability, health, or any other perceived disadvantage. We are also totally inclusive and wish to publish stories from all countries, races, religions without discrimination of any description. We believe that every single person on our planet is truly 'equal' and we will actively & positively promote those who have been marginalised by society.

To further our commitment to disadvantaged and disabled young people, in October 2015 a decision was taken by our directors to positively act to ensure that Eduzine Global became a media group run by and employing young people with disabilities or suffering some form of disadvantage.

If you like what you have read and want to be part of our global mission, please get in touch! Together we will create a global, positive media celebration for One Better World.

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