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The AAT Project

Eduzine Global is UK partner of New York City based, The AAT Project. The AAT Project is 'Discovering Brilliance' through identifying, promoting, mentoring and managing the world's most amazing STEM teenagers. If you're interested in details, you can buy book reports that explore such topics further.


Latest Articles

Katherine's Pain Free Achievements International Recognition For Top Young Innovater Katherine Emily Bomkamp is known globally for her Pain Free Socket, a holistic prosthetic device that has the potential to eliminate phan... 06-07-2015 | 1 Comment | The AAT Project | Article
Grace Young's Incredible Mission Grace Young's Incredible Mission Underwater Challenge For Young Oceanographer Grace Young is an incredible young woman and a truly great young achiever. She is a Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT) ocean engine... 06-09-2014 | The AAT Project | Article
  • Young Inventor Param Jaggi

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Latest Blogs

Teenage Innovators' Amazing Opportunity Teenage Innovators' Amazing Opportunity Competition Gets Underway For Talented Teens The AAT Project™ (aka America's Amazing Teens™) is an online competition for teens with groundbreaking ideas in the fields of scie... 02-11-2014 | The AAT Project | Blog
America's Amazing Teens! America's Amazing Teens! Opportunity Knocks For Amazing American Teenagers The AAT Project (aka America’s Amazing Teens), is an online competition that will identify, mentor and manage exceptional teens wh... 26-04-2014 | The AAT Project | Blog

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In Film

Ann's E-Drink With Jimmy Fallon Ann's E-Drink With Jimmy Fallon Ann Makosinski Showcases Her Awesome Invention Ann Makosinski is an amazing talent from Canada, w... 09-10-2015 | 1 Comment | The AAT Project | Blog
Shannon Has It Covered! Shannon Has It Covered! America's Amazing Teens - Shannon Sullivan Shannon Sullivan is currently a senior at Columbia Uni... 04-08-2015 | The AAT Project | Blog
  • Easton LaChappelle
  • Jack Dreams Of Global Knowledge For All
  • Irish Girls' Technology Excitement

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