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Zach Drives Little Red Wagon Way Ahead

Date: 12-12-2014
Author: Zach Bonner

Zach Bonner - A Florida Youth Helping Those In Need

EduzineGlobal.com is grateful to Global Young Ambassador, Joshua Williams for introducing us to another incredibly gifted Florida youth, Zachary Bonner. Be inspired by Zach's awesome story.

"My name is Zach and I am the founder of The Little Red Wagon Foundation.Inc. (LRWF). I created a non profit so I could help kids in distressed situations. My plan is to help as many kids as I can, have fun and keep it simple."

Zach says:

"When you combine the wisdom and experience of an adult, with the spirit of a kid, great things can be accomplished."

"Every year, the LRWF and myself host holiday events for homeless youth. For the past several years, we got to be a part of hosting a holiday event in Los Angeles. The event is a wonderful day for homeless youth in the Long Beach County Public School District to come to a day filled with meals, gifts, and exciting activities. Unfortunately, due to cost, the event won’t happen next year… without your help. By donating, you can be a part in bringing holiday cheer to youth, and giving them an opportunity they will never forget! Please, donate now and make holiday wishes come true."

Zachary Bonner was born in Searcy, Arkansas on November 17, 1997 but now calls Tampa, Florida his home. He is home schooled under the Florida Virtual School program and is in the 8th grade. Zachary started doing community service in 2004 after Hurricane Charlie hit Florida. In 2005 he formed the Little Red Wagon Foundation, a non profit organization designed to help underpriviledged kids with a focus on homeless youth. Zach believes we all have the ability to make a change in this world if we just try!

Zach has made and distributed over 40,000 backpacks across the country to homeless youth full of food, personal hygiene kits and other supplies. Zach also includes a candy pack and small toy in each backpack to show the kids he is helping that he cares about their kid needs as well as their basic needs. The Little Red Wagon Foundation Inc has hosted Holiday parties for homeless youth, victims of natural disasters, unwed mothers (under 21), emergency foster care kids, domestic violence shelters and others since 2006. Serving over 4,800 kids and their families, over 62 pallets of school supplies and over 2,400 backpacks full of supplies have been distributed internationally. 2,000 plus books have been distributed to title 1 schools, students, migrant farmers and programs that serve them. And recently Zach broke the world record for "most food collected in a 24 hour period in one location”. An additional 450 books have been distributed to homeless youth and foster kids. New sporting equipment has been donated to programs serving homeless youth and foster kids affected by natural disasters. Zach has hosted 23 parties for homelss youth at Build A Bear, Chuck E Cheese, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Putt Putt and other venues to offer kids in shelters an opportunity to escape and just be a kid for a day.

Zach, along with voluteers in the Tampa Bay area organize 24 hour events to raise funds, awareness and supplies for homeless youth. This activity is lead by kids all under the age of 21 and has been on going for 5 years now. Zach has walked over 4263 miles to raise awareness to the plight of homeless youth. Walking from Tampa to Tallahassee, Tallahassee to Atlanta, Atlanto to Washington DC and finally the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Zach and the Little Red wagon Foundation Inc. have done countless other smaller projects all in an effort to help underpriviledged kids in any way

The information above is supplied courtesy of Zach's wonderful website at www.lrwf.org and is the copyright of Zach Bonner. Zach added: "I hope you like my site and find it to be useful and informative. If you have any questions about what I am doing or how you can help, please email me. Don't be shy, leave me a comment on my website, to let me know you were there!"

Congratulations Zach on your incredible and selfless endeavours, from all the team at EduzineGlobal.com You truly are a fabulous young achiever.

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Date: 12-12-2014
Author: Zach Bonner


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