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Our Natural World section incorporates stories of achievement from across the world relating to nature, ecology, geography, weather and animals. For astronomy and other natural elements outside of planet earth, please visit the Science & Technology section.

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Go Green in 2015! Go Fossil Free in 2015 Go Green Week is People & Planet’s annual national week of climate action in schools, colleges and universities across the United Kingdom. Every February... 08-02-2015 | Natural World | Article
Children Adopt Solio Rhinos Children Adopt Solio Rhinos Kinza And Kent Assured Of A Bright Future Two young Rhinos at the Solio Wildlife Conservancy were named last week by 'Rhino Watch' pupils from Muthuini and Labura primary schools in Keny... 12-06-2014 | Natural World | Article
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  • New Ways to Manage Water

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Salt Marsh Visit For Young Nova Scotians Salt Marsh Visit For Young Nova Scotians Young Naturalists Enjoy Rainbow Haven Beach We had an absolutely fabulous trip to the salt marsh at Rainbow Haven Beach. The weather was fantastic (the many beach-goers probably wondered ... 24-10-2014 | Natural World | Blog

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In Pictures

Bellamy Colin Beverley Photography Birds Through A Lens Bellamy Colin Beverley is a young photographer with wonderful talent for identifying great nature shots through the lens. The ... 05-01-2015 | Natural World | Blog
Harrison Warne Gallery Harrison Warne Gallery Some Kid With A Camera Harrison Warne is an amazing young wildlife photographer from Australia. Harrison describes himself as "Some kid that spends... 05-01-2015 | Natural World | Blog
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  • Great Ocean Road

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In Film

Solio Rhinos Named Solio Rhinos Named Two young Rhinos at the Solio Wildlife Conservancy were named last week by 'Rhino Watch' pupils f... 12-06-2014 | Natural World | Blog
Predators Paradise Predators Paradise Predators Paradise, is a short preview of a film by young African film makers Boitshoko Jeremia a... 18/01/2014 | Natural World | Blog
  • Fossil Fuel Free World
  • Sustainable Futures

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