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Eduzine Global incorporates history, politics, travel, geography, fashion, health, food & drink within our Lifestyle & Culture section, bringing together elements which do not have their own separate menu. For The Arts & Sport please see the dedicated menus for these areas.

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Sanah's Natural Day Sanah Jivani Uses Her Story To Inspire Others Imagine waking up, feeling the sun on your skin and the alarm clock ringing. It’s a typical day for you, and already the lists of thing... 11-02-2015 | Culture | Article
Ari-Awesome; America's Golden Girl Aspiring Congresswoman Has A Smile For Everyone Ariadna Natteri initiated the 'Happy You Day', which takes place on 17 January each year. However, she is so much more than a happy young w... 27-01-2015 | 1 Comment | Culture | Article
  • Teen Fashion Sensation Takes NYC By Storm!
  • Sarita's Mission FitPossible
  • Ivy League Achievement For Kwasi Enin

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Made In Hong Kong Christina's Cultural Journey Christina Domhardt is a half-German, half-Chinese Third Culture Kid (TCK) who has lived in Hong Kong, Bangkok, London and Melbourne. Currently residing in Hon... 25-11-2014 | Culture | Blog
Sam's Spectacular Oregonian Experience An American Cultural Opportunity To Savour A true Oregonian experience to savour sums up the two weeks I, Sam Waddington, spent on the Pacific Northwest of the USA this summer. From Satur... 19-11-2014 | Culture | Blog
  • Students Honouring Martin Luther King
  • Blaze
  • Dehli Festivals In Full Flow

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In Pictures

Snow Fun Season Snow Fun Season The White Kind Of Entertainment  The festive period is a time for enjoyment, especially if the snow falls. Here is a selection of your snow fu... 19-12-2014 | Culture | Blog
Madison's Fishflops® Gallery Madison's Fishflops® Gallery Sensational Footwear By Fabulous Teen Designer Madison Nicole Robinson is a 16 year old designer best known as the creator of FishFlops®, a pop... 14-12-2014 | Culture | Blog
  • Athena The Model Child
  • Isabella Rose Taylor's Spring 2015 Collection
  • Pedro's Spring 2014 Collection

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In Film

Sanah's Uplifting Story ... Naturally! Sanah Jivani - Natural Day Sanah tells the story of Natural Day in her own words. A truly inspira... 11-02-2015 | Culture | Blog
Zoella's Quick & Easy Hairstyles VLOG Zoella's Quick & Easy Hairstyles VLOG You Tube VLOG Sensation Zoella is developing an enormous reputation as a VLOGGER on YouTube, with... 04-11-2014 | Culture | Blog
  • Fashion Design Sensation - Isabella Rose Taylor
  • Quenton Collier Fashion Designer

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