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Beneath, You're Beautiful

Date: 12-04-2014
Author: Di Wilcox

A Positive Message For Children

If you ask a young girl "What makes a girl beautiful?", the chances are she will tell you something that includes the words 'thin' or 'skinny'. This aspiration to be thin or skinny begins at a young age.

Researchers have come across girls who are dieting as young as five years old and many people are shocked by this, yet they shouldn't be! Our children are bombarded with countless media images of thin female models and actresses who always seem so happy. We also almost instinctively compliment a young girl on her looks, which quickly adds to her belief that appearance is more important than anything else. Mothers are their daughters' number one role model and it is mothers in particular who, too often, openly obsess about their own weight. Dads are another important influence in their daughter's lives and they too often make clear their preference for thinner women wearing body hugging, midriff-bearing fashion.

Research suggests that parents need to spend time with their daughters, looking at and critically evaluating the unrealistic way that the media portrays girls and women. When watching TV or reading magazines, it is important that parents talk with their daughters about the images being portrayed. When parents help their daughters to recognise how unrealistic these images are, girls will begin to feel better about themselves.

I have written 'Beneath You're Beautiful' as a starting place for dialogue about body image and offer workshops and resources to children, parents, schools and practitioners around improving child self-image and resilience. I will be promoting my book and delivering workshops in the United Kingdom from 22 - 25 April 2014, in partnership with Eduzine Global, to raise the profile of the subject of children's self-image. Positive self-image helps us all recognise that we are all individually beautiful within and with that mindset can achieve, irrespective of perceived looks, size or body image. Remember, "Beneath you're beautiful" applies to every single young person.

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Date: 12-04-2014
Author: Di Wilcox


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