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We Care! - Helping 360º Kids

Date: 22-02-2015
Author: Aidan Aird

Aidan's Blog

Aidan Aird is Eduzine Global 'ACE' Young Achiever 2015'. His chosen charity is the Learning Disabilities of York Region, in Ontario Canada. However, Aidan is also aware of the need to support other deserving causes, including homelessness. 

"I was stunned to learn that there were over 300+ homeless youth living on the streets right in York Region. The biggest shock was that there is a good possibility that one of my classmates or a number of my peers at my school are homeless or are in a 360ºkids program. That is when I realized that it was time to help bring awareness and support to this worthwhile cause. I have managed to bring some awareness to 360ºkids and the wonderful things they are doing, but now its time for me to help them raise some funds that will help support 360ºkids initiative.

On March 26th, 2015; I will be spending the entire night out on the streets as many of these unfortunate homeless youth do, each and every day. I know spending one night sleeping out in the streets will never give me the whole experience these youth go through, but what I hope to accomplish is to bring more awareness and financial support to help solve this problem. I also hope this valuable experience will at least give me a better understanding of the challenges that these homeless youth face and the thought process needed to help solve or improve this terrible situation.”

Aidan Aird

Courtesy Developing Innovations

Please support Aidan's efforts and those of many other caring young people, in recognising that young homeless people worldwide (including on your own doorstep) are in desperate need of help and support. To sponsor Aidan's night on the streets visit:


Developing Innovations

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Date: 22-02-2015
Author: Aidan Aird


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