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Eduzine Global Young Achiever Awards 2016

Date: 05-01-2016
Author: Gareth Jones

Eduzine Global 'ACE' Young Achiever Awards

Voting is now open for the 'Eduzine Global ACE Young Achiever 2016' award, with the winner to be announced on 20 January 2016. Four of the finalists for this award will be voted for by our team of Eduzine Global Young Ambassadors, based upon the achievements published at EduzineGlobal.com over the past 12 months. The remaining four finalists will be selected based upon public votes. The 2016 eligible nominations are listed below, together with a link to their featured posting:

Adrien Rocha - adrien rocha stands up against bullying

Alessia Cara - alessia shines on later with jools holland

Ann Makosinski - anns e-drink with jimmy fallon

Blessing Nwafor - blessing has one strong message

Blythe Baird - when the fat girl gets skinny

Charity Hampton - the enchanting voice of charity

Christopher Duffley - chris opens the eyes in your heart

Connall Cairns - connall rockets ahead

Darsheel Safary - bollywoods dashing darsheel

Elena Zapata - florida girls award winning endeavours

Emmanuel Nyame - spirited young ghanaian entrepreneur has real impact

Gabriela & Natalia Maestre (aka 'Lil cupcake Girls') - lil cupcake girls join eduzine global

Garbine Muguruza - congratulations garbine

Haile Thomas - happy hailes healthy inspiration

Harrison Lee - australian teen wins the prix de lausanne

Harrison Warne - harrison warne gallery

Jordan Wong - jordans hunger for robotics

Katherine Bomkamp - katherines pain free achievements

Katie Stagliano - katies krops of gold 

Kay Collins - kays wonderful lies

Kenz Zaghib - kenz achieves success through extreme transformation

Kiana Favors - kiana launches cancer support organisation

Kimberley Welsh - kimberleys mountainous achievement

Lauren Galley - girl empowerment mentor has real spirit

Matthew Reid - matthews low cost satellite

Max Restaino - an obvious success story for max

Maxwell Surprenant - maxwells catching joy

Mihir Garimella - mihirs next gen first responders

Phoebe Ruguru - phoebe shines at film festival

Pia Sen - pia sen-sation

Qing Xu - qing xu chinas freestyle champion

Remmi smith - remmi smith tulsas talented teen chef

Sajni Vederey - sajni aims for the stars

Sanah Jivani - sanahs natural day

Sandy Ndereki - sandy sings kone nkoko

Sarah Hawkyard - mind the gap sarah

Sarah Martin - sarahs mission

Sebastian Carrington - sebastian the astounding muescientist

Shannon Sullivan - shannon has it covered

Simone Johnston - introducing-simone

Sobina Yu - sobinas universal appeal

Sohil Shah - sohil empowering his peers

Stephanie Spear - bigger isnt necessarily better

Sunand Kannappan - sunand achieves for his chosen cause

Thalia Castro - florida girls award winning endeavours

Tully Kearney - tully receives deserved recognition

Urooba Ahmed Fatima - uroobas flame of positivity

Van Anh Tran - perfect chemistry for van anh tran

Will Lourcey - wills inspirational frogs blog

Zak Madell - zak aims for wheelchair rugby gold


A public vote will determine the winner of the 2016 award, who will be following in the footsteps of our inaugural winner in 2014, Adam Bojelian (pictured below left) and our 2015 winner Aidan Aird (pictured below right). Preliminary public voting commences on 05 January 2015 and closes at midday GMT on 14 January 2016. You can only vote once per person.                                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The eight finalists will be announced on 15 January, when voting will re-open, closing at midday GMT on 19 January 2016, with all votes for the finalists being continued from the earlier round. Those of you who had originally voted for any nominee who failed to make the final eight, can vote for their choice of finalist from the eight announced on 15 January. However, those who originally voted for a candidate who is in the final eight cannot vote again.

How To Vote

Simply complete the 'Leave A Comment' section at the bottom of this article with your own name, email address and in the comment box state the name of your chosen Eduzine Global 'ACE' Young Achiever 2016 from the list above. This information will not be published. Remember to complete the simple human check, which prevents 'robot viruses' from entering.

Our Eduzine Global Young Ambassadors should vote in exactly the same way as above, but your votes will be separately counted in order to identify the four ambassador finalists. Nominees must not vote for themselves.

Good luck to all 50 nominees!

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Date: 05-01-2016
Author: Gareth Jones


Gareth Jones

07/01/2016 21:01

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