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The Best Day In School ... Ever!

Date: 26-04-2014
Author: Gareth Jones

Di Wilcox's Uplifting Message

Australian child resilience and body image expert, Di Wilcox, recently visited the UK at the request of Eduzine Global. Her visit coincided, to the day, with the reverse visit by the Duke and Duchess of York to Australasia, although for some unknown reason, the latter received slightly more publicity in the mainstream media!

The response to Di's visit has been sensational. Children, teachers, parents, school leaders and media universally hailed Di's visit as a huge success. Children completed evaluation forms with comments such as "the best workshop we have ever experienced", "brilliant", "honest, caring and uplifting" and "the best day in school ... ever"! A teacher from Talbot House School in Bournemouth commented "Di's workshop was superb; really, really impressive."

Di, a former teacher herself, has an infectious, enthusiastic personality and a confident delivery style that sets her apart from others. Furthermore, Di relays her own painful life experiences in an honest, open and age appropriate way, which draws in the audience, irrespective of their age. Her overriding message is clear. "Celebrate your own individuality. Be yourself and be confident and proud of who you are and how you look. Be positive about yourself, without being arrogant and treat others with the respect they deserve." Di's message has a track record of success and is borne from the desire to reduce (indeed eliminate) health issues (eg. anorexia & bulimia), self-loathing, self-harm and suicides among young people. Di added "mainstream media messages are promoting totally unrealistic expectations of young people. The images produced in the media are photoshopped, air-brushed and amended to the point that they bear no resemblence to the original image. Yet the media gives the impression that those artificial images are the expectations for young people. This is directly being linked to health issues, self-harm and even suicide among children and young adults. Anything I can do to change that is my motivation."

Di's visit offered proof, if it were needed, that her message, which is becoming part of the Australian education curriculum, is also urgently required in the UK. Therefore, Eduzine Global is developing solid links with Di to ensure that Di Wilcox's 'Seedlings', 'Beneath You're Beautiful' and 'Loving My Reflection' workshops are rolled out and delivered nationally across the UK. Di has also been delivering her message successfully in Singapore, Malaysia and in parts of the USA. Di has also written her first children's book 'Beneath You're Beautiful' aimed at children from 4 - 9 years of age. She hopes to take her workshops and promote her messages throughout the world in due course and Eduzine Global will work with Di to ensure this happens.

A huge thank you to Di from all the team at Eduzine Global and indeed, from all those who had the pleasure to meet with Di during her UK visit. We very much look forward to your next visit.

For more information visit Di's website at www.diwilcox.com.au

Please email [email protected] if your establishment would like to pre-book a future Di Wilcox workshop in the UK.

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Date: 26-04-2014
Author: Gareth Jones


Diane Wilcox

27/04/2014 13:03

A huge thank you to Eduzine for arranging this visit. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and I am very much looking forward to my next visit to the UK and hopefully the opportunity to see more students, parents and teachers. Keep up your great work Eduzine. There are thousands of amazing youth out there that deserve the recognition that your magazine offers.

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