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Kaw Lah's Community Champions

Date: 13-02-2014
Author: Freddie Cooper

Kaw Lah Post-Secondary School, Thailand

Kaw Lah s is a post-secondary school in the Umpium Mai refugee camp, in Tak, Thailand, which provides context-appropriate education to high school graduates from Burma, refugee camps and Burmese community across Thailand. Covering a wide range of subjects, this school has a proven track record of benefiting the students and wider society, with majority of its graduates working in their communities or furthering their studies in respected higher-level courses. It is a vital stepping stone to groom grade 10 graduates into community leaders.

"We are excited and proud to be able to support this symbolic institution in its running costs", said Marc Thomas Jenni (pictured), founder of the charity Child's Dream, which funds the school's operations. Child’s Dream was established in 2003 as a charitable organisation dedicated to unconditional help for underprivileged children in the 'Mekong Sub-Region'. This region is at the core of many humanitarian crises and children are suffering the most. Marc went on to say "We focus on extremely remote and neglected areas in this region. Our offices in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia serve as bases for our humanitarian and community development activities. Our 30 staff members are dedicated to working in the most efficient and effective way to achieve our mission. Our mission is to empower marginalised communities to shape their own future. We achieve this by working with communities to improve health care and education for children and provide socioeconomic opportunities for families. We are working towards the second and fourth UN Millennium Development Goal which are universal primary education and reduction of child mortality respectively." 

The education offered at Kaw Lah is benefitting not only the students, but the entire community, as almost all students move on to becoming community leaders and role models in their individual regions and communities. The importance of collaboration and togetherness, working towards a common goal for the benefit of all is a key element of the enegetic and exciting curriculum offered at Kaw Lah.

For more information about Kaw Lah and the other amazing Child's Dream school's and projects and to get involved, visit  www.childsdream.org

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Date: 13-02-2014
Author: Freddie Cooper


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