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Date: 16/04/2013
Author: Mark Thompson

It’s Not A Bag - It’s a Movement!

Eduzine was delighted to catch up with USA based Zimbags Co-Director Meghan McClure, to hear about the great work being done by her organisation to help Zimbabwean families. Our service lets you see the results of such contributions in an update list published at https://writing-service.org/. Meghan explained how it all began.

“We started out as women scattered all over the world and over the past 5 years, we’ve become a team. It all started with a friend who made the brave decision to drop everything and lend her voice to women in Zimbabwe who are striving to be heard. When she returned, her stories were heartbreaking and inspiring. In spite of what women in Zimbabwe faced (and still face), their spirit was strong, and the desire to improve their lives and their country was unshakable. We knew that we had to find a way to join them. Soon we were surrounded by beautiful artwork from women in Zimbabwe and bags galore.

We are a group of women who love beautiful things, but more importantly, beautiful things that make a difference in our world. We believe in ethical fashion. We believe we can make a difference in the choices we make and the things we buy. We also believe that friendship and kindness make the world a better place. That’s where Zimbags started; over coffee and stories. It soon became a group of women in the USA working with a group of women in Zimbabwe, making and selling bags. Each stitch and each story is a piece of hope. We are still sharing those stories and stitches.”

Meghan explained the Zimbags mission. “We work together to develop new skills and products, and introduce the women to an international marketplace where they can sell their products in order to earn a living. We believe it is every woman’s (and man’s) right to have the opportunity to earn living wages and better herself, her family, and her community.”

“Our goal as an organization is to create sustainable opportunities and provide a creative environment for development that will ultimately improve the quality of the artisans’ lives by enabling them to overcome extreme poverty. The artisans we work with are intelligent, talented, hardworking, and creative women living in a country of desperate circumstances. As they grow through sustainable jobs and living wages, their community and country will follow.”

“We believe in the power of beauty and story to inspire change. We believe fashion can be ethical and beautiful at the same time. We connect the women and customers through handcrafted goods and inspiring stories. Each piece created by our women is a thing of beauty and a story to be shared. We know that small choices (like which bag to buy!) can lead to big changes.” Meghan and her colleagues strongly believe in their philosophy & Meghan reinforced this with her passionate message;

Together, we can Bag Poverty!

For more about Zimbags and to buy their fabulous, high quality original products, simply visit the Zimbags website.

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Date: 16/04/2013
Author: Mark Thompson


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