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Sajni's STEM All Stars

Star Teen Empowering Girls Via STEM

Since her childhood Sajni Vederey has been noticing gender stereo types such as girls are bad at math, and girls do not fit for engineering. Not only at school, but she started to see how even toy companies and children's TV shows were having a boy and a girl versions. As she got more involved into STEM, she noticed that kids, even at early ages, are developing a sense of gender identity and bias. Then, STEM All Stars was born with the intention of sparking interest in STEM for girls and giving them an opportunity to explore these fields in greater depths. 

Sajni's target audience is girls who do not have enough self confidence or knowledge about STEM. She is a freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and one of 75 people to be selected in the International Stanford Math League Tournament. Sajni has introduced 22 STEM All Stars clubs internationally, and she hopes to create a change in the lives of girls!

For more information visit the STEM All Stars website

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Date: 21-09-2015
Author: STEM All Star Sajni Vederey



19/10/2015 01:15

Excellent speech.i love the confidence.keep it

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  • Video provided by: STEM All Star Sajni Vederey
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwezQ9WNXI4
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