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Our Film section is the home of our own videos as well as links to your videos of young musicians, filmmakers, thespians, reporters, future sporting greats and any other positive video of young achievers.

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Irish Girls' Technology Excitement Irish Girls' Technology Excitement Ireland's Prize Winning Young Science & Technology Girls Ciara Judge, Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow present feedback from the young peoples session at EXCITED 2014, where children were engaged in discussion about digital learning in the classroom. Ciara, Émer and Sophie won the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in January 2013, with their project titled 'A Statistical ... 29-09-2013 | Science & Nature | Featured Article
The Ultimate Universe Size Comparison! Sebastian's Star Quality 8 year old Sebastian Carrington, "The MueScientist" will be featured next week at EduzineGlobal.com Sebastian, amongst many other talents, spends time constructing presentations about the Universe which he converts to movies, such as 'The Ultimate Universe Size Comparison'. Enjoy this amazing film and look out for our feature on Sebastian on Monday. 16-01-2015 | Science & Nature | Featured Article

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