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Don't Miss Your Chance To Vote! - VOTING CLOSED

Date: 12-01-2015
Author: Gareth Jones

Eduzine Global 'ACE' Young Achiever Awards 2015

Voting Now Closed

The 'Eduzine Global ACE Young Achiever 2015' award winner, will be  announced on 20 January 2015. The finalists for this award have been selected by our team of Eduzine Global Young Ambassadors, based upon the achievements published at EduzineGlobal.com over the past 12 months. The 2015 finalists are listed below:

The Arts - Leslie Ashworth (Sensational Young Canadian Violinist)

Sport - Erica Wilson (Lakeshore's Brilliant Wheelchair Basketball Player) 

Science / Technology - David Adeyemi (Nigeria's STEMsational Teen)

Science / Technology - Aidan Aird (Canadian Innovator Supreme) 

Culture - Madison Nicole Robinson (Fabulous Fishflops Founder)

Enterprise - Ludwick Marishane (South Africa's Real Headboy)

Society - Joshua Williams (Miami's Big-Hearted Young Wonder)

Society - Ive Jones (Extraordinary Apex Girl Helping Ebola Orphans)

Your Votes Will Decide The Winner!

A public vote will determine the winner of the 2015 award, following in the footsteps of our inaugural winner in 2014, Adam Bojelian (pictured). Voting commences on 02 January 2015 and closes at midnight GMT on 14 January 2015. Votes received after the closing date will not be counted.

Simply complete our contact form with your name and email address and in the message field add "My Vote is for ?? (ie replace ?? with the name of your choice from the above list of finalists). Then click the 'Submit Query' button at the bottom of the form. One person one vote please and only one vote will be accepted from each email account. However, please note that votes from our VIP Members count 'triple', meaning that each VIP vote is the equivalent to 3 general public votes.

Sign up now to become a VIP Member.

                                                                                                        Visit EduzineGlobal.com on 20 January 2014 to discover who is our Eduzine Global ACE Young Achiever 2015 (Oh, by the way, 'ACE' stands for Achieve, Celebrate, Educate as well as simply meaning ACE)!

Selecting the finalists was a task undertaken by our 12 Eduzine Global Young Ambassadors. They each independently selected their 8 chosen nominees (one from each of our 8 categories). The 8 individuals with the most nominations became our finalists.

Unlike other awards, the 'prizes' for our winners will be the 'gift of giving'. Our overall winner & two runners up will each select charities to benefit from our charitable promotions and giving in 2015. These will be in addition to our giving to amazing charitable projects supported by our partners at 'Buy 1, Give 1' (www.b1g1.com). Remember, at Eduzine Global, our philosophy and mission is that we support, showcase and celebrate young achievers and by doing so, we generate funds for great children's charities worldwide. We believe strongly in our mission and we hope you do too!

VOTing Now Closed

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Date: 12-01-2015
Author: Gareth Jones


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