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Articles represent our own news stories, features and reports about great young achievers from across the globe. Articles will feature children. young adults and those individuals and organisations which support them. Our articles are 100% positive about young people and many also showcase the work of great young achievers. Please enjoy!

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Oh My Lorde! Oh My Lorde! Grammy & BRIT Awards At Just 17 For Lorde Ella Yelich-O'Connor is Lorde. She is from Auckland, New Zealand, where she was born on 7 November 1996. Her mother is a prize-winning New Zealand poet, and her father a civil engineer. She was raised in suburban Devonport, Auckland with her sisters (Jerry & India) and younger brother (Angelo). When she was 5, Lorde followed her friend into... 22-02-2014 | The Arts | Featured Article
Waxing Lyrical Warrior Poet - Josh Lisiuk You may have read the poetry of young Warrior Poet, Josh Lisiuk, in Eduzine Spring Issue. Josh has a unique style both in terms of his literary/lyrical work and his haunting, yet waxed & polished Cash/Morrison/Cave inspired vocals. Eduzine caught up with Josh after watching him perform live at Manchester’s Tiger Lounge earlier this year. Josh’s musica... 16/07/13 | The Arts | Featured Article

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