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Chelsea's Object Arrangements

Date: 17-09-2014
Author: Gareth Jones

The Chelsea Geldean Collection

Chelsea Geldean is an artist residing in Glendale, Arizona. Her drawings include an arrangement of different objects and patterns thrown together in a collage-like format. Chelsea is currently in United States Air Force and when time permits, she also enjoys road trips, walking, and watching TV. 

The EduzineGlobal.com gallery includes a selection of Chelsea's brilliant work. Prints of her incredible collage style drawings can be purchased from Fine Art America at extremely competitive prices. Chelsea's selection of art, has been published in our gallery with her kind permission. Each work (from left to right) in our 'Chelsea Geldean Collection' gallery is described below.

Watch Out

This is an arrangement of random objects, shapes, and patterns drawn together to form colorful and beautiful masterpiece. "Watch Out" features a green alien holding a newspaper!

Never Again

A black and white drawing depicting random objects and shapes in a mixed up arrangement.

Like A River

'Like a River' features a waterfall, tree, orange oven, and nesting bird arranged in a unique and inventive style that can only be Chelsea Geldean.

You're Lame

"You're Lame" features a keyboard, briefcase, camera, and treasure chest set out in a colourful and individually shaped arrangement, offering a bright and joyful image.


A black and white collage style drawing with dead end signs, inviting the viewer to identify routes through a maze of shapes.


Be taken round and round by this wonderful display of assorted shapes and objects which will inevitably lead you to the toaster!

Real Talk

An arrangement of random objects, shapes, and patterns drawn together around a waterfall, to form a black and white masterpiece.


This beautiful, yet crazy arrangement of colourful shapes and objects has the effect of tweaking your imagination in a muddled, but fun & mystical fashion.

The team at EduzineGlobal.com are delighted to have stumbled across the awesome artwork of Chelsea Geldean. We recommend a visit to her pages on Fine Art America to purchase prints of her work before they undoubtedly increase enormously in value. Congratulations to Chelsea, from all at EduzineGlobal.com on your simply stunning work.

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Date: 17-09-2014
Author: Gareth Jones


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