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Aussie Mogul Skiing Hope

Date: 28-01-2014
Author: Britteny Cox

Britteny Cox's Olympic Mogul Dream

Britteny Cox is an Australian mogul skier, who grew up in the Victorian alpine resort of Falls Creek. Britteny was born on 29 September 1994 in Wodonga, Australia, into a mogul skiing environment and with her family passionate mogul skiers, she was always destined to excel at the highest level.

Britteny was the youngest athlete to compete at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games at just 15 years of age. Since the Vancouver Olympics, Britteny has continued to improve, winning Australia's first ever female World Cup mogul skiing medal, after finishing third in Deer Valley, UT, USA. Britteny is currently a scholarship athlete with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport and is a hot medal favourite in Sochi, in her second Olympics at the ripe old age of 19 years!

Mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing where skiers display tricks, jumps and turning abilities for onlookers (and judges) on a mogul slope (trail of bumps & mounds on a slope) making “high-quality, aggressive turns whilst remaining in the fall line (an imaginary line that combines the steepest pitch and most direct line, from top to bottom, of any slope). Skiers absorb the impact of the bumps by bending at the knees and hips. In a good run, shoulders remain parallel to the finish line, turns should be quick and short and skis should not leave the snow surface”.

Eduzine Global wishes Britteny every success in Sochi.

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Date: 28-01-2014
Author: Britteny Cox


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