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Beautiful York City Photos provided by: Gareth Jones Photography of York, England Images of the beautiful City of York, England where, nearby in Tadcaster, a celebration of the life of Adam Bojelian (Eduzine Global Young Ambassador and Poetry Editor) took place on 11 April 2015.  19-04-2015 | Sport & Leisure | Gallery
Jacqueline Freney Jacqueline Freney Photos provided by: Jacqueline Freney Young Australian 2014 Jacqueline Freney  Jacqueline is an incredible young achiever, having had huge success as a paralympic swimmer, paralympian of the year and this year as Young Australian of the Year. As her incredible year continues, we have showcased Jacqueline in our gallery, as she is an awesome inspiration to all young people, both disabled and able-bodied alike. 25-10-2014 | Sport & Leisure | Gallery

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  • Yuna Kim Gallery Yuna Kim Gallery Yuna Kim 01-02-2014 | 3 Comments
  • Ayumu Hirano Ayumu Hirano Ayumu Hirano 12-02-2014
  • Beautiful York City Gareth Jones 19-04-2015
  • Jacqueline Freney Jacqueline Freney Jacqueline Freney 25-10-2014
  • Snow Fun Season Snow Fun Season Eduzine Global 19-12-2014
  • Madison's Fishflops® Gallery Madison's Fishflops® Gallery Madison Nicole Robinson 14-12-2014
  • Northstars Gallery Northstars Gallery Belfast Northstars 16-01-2014
  • Ice Queens Ice Queens IOC 28-02-2014
  • Isabella Rose Taylor's Spring 2015 Collection Isabella Rose Taylor's Spring 2015 Collection Isabella Rose Taylor 17-10-2014
  • Pedro's Spring 2014 Collection Pedro's Spring 2014 Collection Pedro Lourenco 08-02-2014
  • Sochi 2014 Snow Gallery Sochi 2014 Snow Gallery IOC 01-02-2014
  • Arianne Gallery Arianne Gallery Arianne Jones 28-01-2014

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