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Date: 30-01-2015
Author: Gareth Jones

Awesome Things To Come!

We encourage you to take the first step, by providing your email address and signing up at The AAT Project website. Simply scroll down the homepage (see website image right) & complete the simple sign up box and you will be kept informed of all the exciting developments.Eduzine Global is proud to link with some amazing organisations, none moreso than 'The Americas Amazing Teens (AAT) Project'! However, The AAT Project is already expanding beyond America and beyond its Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) roots, to develop a global community of young people who want to positively change our planet & create One Better World!

Eduzine Global is collaborating with the incredible team at The AAT Project, to support, promote, showcase & celebrate young people and their awesome achievements. The first steps simply involve young people from all across the globe, joining our community. This initially involves simply providing an email address to sign up for newsletters. In time there will be global events and challenges for young people to engage, with amazing opportunities.

Our request to young people from all nations; please join our community at The AAT Project, today!

                                                              Join Our Community

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Date: 30-01-2015
Author: Gareth Jones


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