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Teenage Innovators' Amazing Opportunity

Date: 02-11-2014
Author: Ben Wolff

Competition Gets Underway For Talented Teens

The AAT Project™ (aka America's Amazing Teens™) is an online competition for teens with groundbreaking ideas in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

A collaboration of the worlds of academia, science, finance, business and media, The AAT Project™ supports exceptional young scientists, researchers, developers and inventors by providing a platform for them to share their ideas with the world. Our mission is to promote technological and scientific innovation, and change the way science and math are perceived in our culture by setting a new standard for teen role models.

More than just a competition, we mentor and manage brilliant teens across America whose ideas will change the world. Teens who make it through the vetting process will get an unprecedented level of support, guidance, and mentorship throughout the competition and beyond. All of the chosen participants will receive representation/management. This manager will be with them every step of the way to help their vision become a reality. Chosen participants will also be connected with one or more mentors. The AAT Project network of mentors includes top educators, scientists, and industry leaders across a broad range of fields.

We provide young innovators with an incomparable opportunity to be heard and make a difference. Our goal is Discovering Brilliance™!

Nan Fisher, the creator of this project, is a veteran of the entertainment industry, who has assembled a strong team of educators from all the top universities in America, industry leaders and innovators to assure the success of this project. This is one of the first online competitions that will identify, mentor and manage exceptional teens whose ideas will change the world. Our mission is to promote technological and scientific innovation, and change the cultural aspect of what science and math look like by setting a new higher standard for teen role models.

How It Works

STEP 1 - Upload your project
Brilliant teenagers (ages 12 ½ - 19) across America must upload a short video, no more than 2 minutes, that explains in detail their groundbreaking project, research, invention or technological breakthrough. They should supplement their submission with documents, slides, etc., no more than 20 pages in total. Don't include your personal contact information inside your video or any document. Also make sure you have your Parental Consent ready, read details here.

STEP 2 - Vetting process
Graduate students from the Vetting Division will research the projects and determine which projects are approved and will go on to the next step.

STEP 3 - Mentor and Management
Once your project has been approved by the Vetting Division, you will be invited to join "The AAT Project™ Management Company" and proceed to the next step.

STEP 4 - Judging process
The AAT Project™ is supported by educators from the top universities in America. They will be providing their professional expertise to select the monthly finalists. There will be one (1) finalist per month for 12 months. All the approved projects will be evaluated and scored by a minimum of three judges who are scientists, professors and technology professionals. One of the three judges must hold a Ph.D. in their field. The projects will be scored based on the depth of their research, development, presentation, originality and potential for innovation in their respective fields.

STEP 5 - Before you are placed on to the public competition site
We will apply for and purchase a provisional patent on your behalf for all projects approved by the Vetting Division. This will ensure the protection of your project.

STEP 6 - Selecting the Grand Prize Winner
The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen from the 12 monthly finalists. A final judging panel, made up educators from the top universities in America, will determine the winner.

STEP 7 - Selecting the People's Choice Winner
The People's Choice Award Winner will be based strictly on the voting public. Every project that makes into the competition will qualify for the People's Choice Award.

The Prizes


Each month one (1) finalist will be selected by our distinguished panel of judges, made up of educators from many of the top universities in America. The finalist will receive a $1,000 cash prize as well as a mini-documentary chronicling their brilliance. It will be produced and directed by Academy Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Ross Kauffman.

The Grand Prize winner will be selected from the 12 monthly finalists by our distinguished panel of judges, made up of educators from many of the top universities in America. The Grand Prize winner will be named America's Amazing Teen and will receive a $75,000 Cash Prize!

The winner of the People's Choice Award will be based strictly on the voting public, and will receive a $25,000 cash prize. Be sure to tell your friends to vote for you! They can vote up to 2 times a day and voting is open now!!

Global Opportunities

Although the competition is only open to American teenagers, there are opportunities for amazing teens worldwide via the AAT Project's Global Ambassadors. Global young innovators are encouraged to get in touch with the project team via The AAT Project™ website. Founder, Nan Fisher told EduzineGlobal.com of her hope to see the competition become global in the future, although the initial focus is to secure the long term future for the American competition.

Contact Information


Twitter: @TheAATProject

Facebook: Search The AAT Project

Google: Search America’s Amazing Teens

The AAT Project™ website - Join The AAT Project™ mailing list at the website and keep updated.


EduzineGlobal.com is delighted to have connected with The AAT Project™ and we look forward to promoting the competition and its development, as well as showcasing and celebrating the amazing young achievers, in partnership with the team at The AAT Project™. Very best wishes to all contestants from the team at EduzineGlobal.com

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Date: 02-11-2014
Author: Ben Wolff


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