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Date: 25-03-2015
Author: Gareth Jones

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In Loving Memory of Adam Bojelian

Adam requested for friends and family to make a donation for UNITED KINGDOM SEPSIS TRUST LIMITED because Adam asked that his death not be in vain.

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Date: 25-03-2015
Author: Gareth Jones



01/04/2015 22:50

Ads I cared for y and y gave me so much back as a patient. I will miss y and have fond memories of spending time with y and miss y. You are at peace xx

Anurah Farrell

31/03/2015 20:52

Adam, you inspired others through the creativity of the peoms that you wrote even though you had your own difficulties. Believe and Achieve!

Lulu Cerone

29/03/2015 19:00

Our society depends on poets to move us forward towards peace. Thank you Adam for sharing your voice. You will be remembered.

Joshua's Heart

29/03/2015 13:30

Adam will be missed. We pray for strength for his family. His legacy lives on forever.

Norina Shah

29/03/2015 12:07

Adam’s vision of life was truly remarkable. He was indeed an inspiration to us all. He is a great loss to all the people who know him. May his soul rest in peace.

Mary fleming

29/03/2015 10:43

The leader you see serves as a reminder of the person I strive to be.

Ginny Edwards

28/03/2015 15:05

I first heard about you when Rob Webster showed us your leadership poem. You became a Twitter friend too many and we will miss your wit, talent and shining example. Short life long legacy.

Samantha Hopkins

28/03/2015 15:00

Adam was one of life's truly remarkable people. I am amazed at how much he touched my life, without me ever meeting him in person. Every time I eat ice cream in The Mumbles, I shall think of Adam and his everlasting inspiration. Sleep well, Twitter Buddy. Xxx

David Adeyemi

27/03/2015 12:24

You where such an inspiration to me and everyone. Rest in peace brother.

Bev Turner

27/03/2015 11:49

R.I.P. Adam. Your light shone bright.

Jane Crittenden

26/03/2015 13:16

I have never felt so affected by the passing of someone I had never met. I hope the memory of Adam will continue to give hope to those without a voice and inspire change where change is needed.

D Shaw

26/03/2015 11:12

We are all so sorry to hear the sad news about Adam. It was lovely to work with him and we send our deepest sympathies to the family.


26/03/2015 10:25

So sad to hear of Adam's death, I remember looking after him at Naomi House. You knew that there was so much more to Adam than the rest of us & battled for him. With your love, help & support he achieved more in his short life than most of us do in our entire lives. With love, hugs & prayers to you all x

Lynne Bell

26/03/2015 05:51

Adam, Thank you for the poetry, the inspiration, the heart and the hope. You will always be my favourite poet and I am forever on #TeamAdam. I miss you, Buddy! Xoxo

Kath Maguire

25/03/2015 22:00

Inspired by Adam, sad to no longer be exchanging ideas, grateful to have learned from him, I promise to use what he taught us in my future work.

The AAT Project

25/03/2015 19:51

Adam, we are heartbroken to hear that you are no longer with us. You will be missed and remembered…Thank you for being a true inspiration.


25/03/2015 16:48

Adam, you are one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Heartbroken.

Mark Thompson

25/03/2015 15:22

So sorry to hear that Adam is no longer with us. He will be sadly missed by everyone involved with Eduzine.

Teresa Catto-Smith

25/03/2015 15:21

Thank you for being our friend and for your wonderful poetry. Christmas Gibbons being my most favourite. Grace and Edward are very sad and have put memorials to you in their Minecraft worlds, next to Henry the hamster. I thought you would probably find that quite amusing really! We will think of you always Brave Adam xx

Dean Bhebhe

25/03/2015 12:41

A great poet and a great los to th young leaders community. You will be missed but never forgotten, you fought a good battle and we are all motivated and encouraged by your ever glowing lif story. Rest In Peace our wee Prince of Poetry.

Gareth Jones

25/03/2015 10:20

Thank you to Adam for being the inspiration behind and for your amazing work as our poetry editor, inaugural ACE Young Achiever and Global Ambassador. Your brave fight may have ended, but your enduring legacy lives on forever. My one regret is that my own poor health prevented me from joining you at your party and meeting you in person. However, through social media we became great friends & I am truly heartbroken. Sleep softly our wee Prince of Poetry. Gareth Jones, Media Director,

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