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Be The Change!

Date: 01-05-2014
Author: Adeyemi David Tobiloba

A Passionate And Heartfelt Statement From A Great Young African

You've discovered your self, known fully your likes and dislikes, what p's you off and what turns you on, what kills your vibes and what boosts it up. Then, taking a close look at yourself and the people around you. Have you noticed any negative trait flowing through the streams of both yours and their behavioural pattern? If yes, lets talk business by talking change.

If you ask Robert F.Kennedy (pictured below) to talk change, he will tell you just this "few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written in the history of this generation".


A change is what we need now. A change is the only alternative we have now to use to build a better and beautiful world with peace and harmony. Change they say is constant and inevitable but I believe it can only evolve when someone decides to help lead others to becoming that change. It takes determination and a brave mind to become the change likewise honour to accomplish such decision because just a little change can change the history and future.

Jawaharlal Nuhru once quoted "Everything changes continually. What is history, indeed, but a record of changes. And if there had been very few changes in the past, there would have been little history to write". This is because a change will not only affect the doer but also everyone around him.  While thinking, I discovered that change can be made in every aspect of life. In our families by being entirely positively different, in our academics by becoming outstanding, to the less privileged by showing care and support, to our individual countries by being patriotic and cultured citizens and to the world by becoming optimist.

I always wish to be the change. If i get the slightest opportunity, I won't hesitate to use it well and this is because any one who wishes to be the change has to believe that the journey of a thousand miles doesn't begin with a step but with a plan. Its this plan one uses to strategise or outpace any tough circumstance that comes our way. The changes made in the past is what's reflecting now in the present and anything we do now will affect the future. So, any decision we make presently either good or bad tends to affect others in the future. Hence, its our responsibility to make a positive change in every area or aspect of both our lives and that of others. We should learn to show care to all those wo need and also fill spaces of fields we feel we're one way or the other required in.

We're the present, we're the future, we're the universe....we, so let's learn to be the change by making a change because, its what we're created to do and be.

Adeyemi David Tobiloba

Global Young Ambassador (Africa)
Eduzine Global

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Date: 01-05-2014
Author: Adeyemi David Tobiloba


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