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Out of The Blue

Date: 16/04/2013
Author: Freddie Cooper

100 Words Out of The Blue!

Pupils in Year 9 at Riddlesdown Collegiate Academy in Purley, Surrey were shown a set of images (below) in their English class and given a theme title … Out of The Blue.


The challenge was to write a story of no more than 100 words, inspired by the images above and the theme title. Teacher (and Head of Aquila College at Riddlesdown Collegiate) Miss Sarah Findlater ,was delighted at the quality of the stories produced by the pupils in her class and sent them to Eduzine, with a view to us publishing one or two stories. We were extremely impressed and could not separate them by quality and have therefore published all 14 stories for our readers to enjoy.

Congratulations to all those outstanding students who have penned an exceptionally high standard of work. It just goes to show that the power of imagination and creative writing is alive and kicking in our schools. Congratulations also to Miss Findlater for inspiring such imaginative and impressive written work in her pupils.

Jordan's Winters warning

It was a cold winter’s day all was silent but the rattle of the branches of the pine tree against the window making it impossible to sleep, the constant howl of foxes hunting for food. The silent forest was enticing me, I couldn’t resist I had to explore. I hobble down the stairs stumbling at the bottom step, I reach the door the handle is cold I get my gloves and unlock the door, take a step outside and hear a voice saying “I’m over here Aaron follow my voice” I shouted “who are you and how do you know me”...

Rina - Out of the Blue

I was alone on the beach in Hawaii. It was beautiful. I took my surf board and went surfing, the water was ice cold at first but I got used to it. I was surfing when out of the blue my surf board disappeared. Suddenly a massive wave came and took me under the deep blue water. I couldn’t breathe, I was scared.

I woke up on a mysterious beach, completely different to the one I was on before. It was lonely and silent you couldn’t even hear a thing. It looked like a deserted island. Where was I….

Megan - Out of the Blue

I walked along the sandy white beach; the sand was soft and warm the sea was calm and blue.

I listened close to the wonderful sound of parrots, sitting in the tropical trees. I thought, “How lucky I am to be here with such beauty and pleasure”.
The sea lay calm and crystal clear, but suddenly everything seemed to change. My head started to hurt, my feet started to burn, the sea started to crash, the birds stared to fly… What was wrong, what did I do, where am I.

I turned round to… wake up!!!

Lloyd - Out of the Blue

The walls are painted every colour in the rainbow, the floor is black. Pitch black.

Everything is quiet.

There aren’t any doors just silence and darkness sitting here alone, I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not and I cannot escape. It feels like forever and then a door appears. I open it to find complete blackness and then I fall and land on a spot of light, there’s a white door in front of me.
I walk up towards it slowly. Then I open it as fast as I can and I wake up in bed.


Hannah - Out of the Blue

Falling asleep, sometimes I am on a beach with my family that I won’t see. Sometimes I’m falling and can’t stop it; it just frightens the life out of me out of the blue. Dreams normally end in nightmares, scary as they are they come and go when they like - controlling your mind.

I overthink with my mind, they run over and over…

As I lie here thinking what this mess has done to me, it’s like my own mind is against me. Circling, confusing, over-powering, fighting, turning.. Bang! It was out of the blue.

Ryan - Out of the Blue

One day on the island of Zimbabwe, Jayson Brodey is running from Vaas and his men. The men have their guns and are in their cars. Jayson is kidnapped. Then he manages to escape the camp.

Suddenly, as he is crossing the road across the river, the road breaks and he falls in to the river. He gets knocked out on his way down stream. A man with no name pulls him out and brings him to his camp and gives him food and water and a gun. He is now going to kill Vaas.

I wonder what will happen?

Dan J - “The Alley-Way”

I was slowly walking down the dark alley-way, when I met a man named Anthony. He was a bit strange, but otherwise a lovely man. Then all of a sudden he pulled out a piercing dagger; he stabbed me hard with it.

I staggered to the ground like a corpse being thrown wildly without care. I screamed for help - no one came. I slowly crawled in agony to the end of the alley-way. All the people I thought I knew, didn’t even help me. I thought they were my friends! Just seconds after, I painstakingly bled out to my eternal death.

Georgia - Out of the Blue

Here I am once again sitting at the beach on a family trip out. I don’t know why we have these family trips they are so boring.

“Come on George, come surfing with us” shouted dad from the sea.

I stood up and headed to the sea. My dad just surfed a wave which was cool but I was going to show him how it’s done. I grabbed my surf board and… then all off a sudden a massive wave came crashing towards me. I fell over. Out of the blue my dead grandma said “how are you my princess?”

Matt - Out of the Blue

He was in the forest to get to a log cabin he had been told about by his friend. It was dare. It was so risky because there was a man who would take the people and would make them do chores for him. If they tried to run they would appear back in his house and get put in a jail for however long he chose. He makes them do things such as mine, get fire wood, get food and build weapons. He always notices when they are gone because he set a time for them.

William - Out of the Blue

It was a dark gloomy day; it felt depressing going to school on a day like this. I wish the school would close because it’s been snowing for 6 days non-stop. All my teachers and classmates feel the same as me; we think it’s ridiculous that we have to come to school when it snows.

The windows are all frozen so we can’t see outside. I’m guessing it’s bad because there’s no internet connection. Then suddenly it came. The words from heaven “the school is closed due to the snow”. “YES” we cried. It’s the best news we’ve heard in ages!

Shakirah - Out of the Blue

Its Monday again, me on my own walking around like a lost puppy in the big wide world. Why doesn’t anyone like me? What have I done wrong? Is it because I’m different?

It’s so out of the blue anyway it's the first lesson of the year and the worst lesson ENGLISH the teacher is so nice but I just can't get the hang of it and I have to sit next to the school bully Jack. He’s so annoying and always calling people names for no reason but anyway I hope he knows what’s coming for him in the future.

Dan - Out of the Blue

Bob woke at 7 AM on a cold Sunday morning. He walked downstairs, walked over to the fridge, and got the milk out. He then got a bowl out of his cupboard. He was about to get the cornflakes out of his cabinet when suddenly, out of the blue a rat scurried across the floor!

“ARRGH!” screamed Bob.

Bob reached for the cereal bowl and threw it at the rat. It hit it right in the head, and decapitated it, leaving the body scurrying around on its own. The rat slowly stopped moving, and Bob made a sigh of relief.

Matt - Out of the Blue

It is a clear crystal day on the beach then they sound the horn, it’s a danger horn. The life-guard springs into action. Then it appears, a great white shark that’s what all the fuss is about, then out of the blue music starts playing. Child music. Haunted music.

The music stops then the horn stops, it all goes back to normal like nothing has happened. They all get back to what they were doing. It sounds again, everyone panics except me because in a few minutes. This time the music doesn’t play. This time it stays this way forever.

Katie - Out of the Blue

Walking along with the blue sky in front of me, wanting to walk along the untouched sand. It looked so beautiful, untouched; no nothing.

The light blue sea’s gleaming into my eyes, as I sit on the untouched ocean, over thinking with my mind…

As I look up, the blue circle is looking at me, telling me everything is going to be ok.
The untouched sand was no longer untouched, with my crawling feet all around it.
As I look around there was nothing around me, just me, thinking, and the deep blue sea.

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Date: 16/04/2013
Author: Freddie Cooper


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