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The Enterprise section of our website, sponsored by DRAGONZFIRE, features our own articles as well as news bulletins, guest blogs, images, film, events and reviews around business, enterprise and entrepreneurial achievements by young people across the globe.

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Jordan's Youngest Entrepreneurs Jordan's Youngest Entrepreneurs Ahmad Qutob & Laith Khoury I'm really happy that I got to know the youngest entrepreneurs in Jordan; they’re the best not only among school students, but among university studen... 25-09-2014 | Enterprise | Blog
Entrepreneurial Success For Anurah Entrepreneurial Success For Anurah Anurah Farrell's Story Anurah Farrell became an overnight celebrity at the Peter Jones Academy since winning the Project Your Talent For Business 1st prize, comprising £17,000 of bu... 31-05-2014 | Enterprise | Blog
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In Pictures

Thato's Repurpose Schoolbags Thato's Repurpose Schoolbags Fantastic images of repurpose schoolbags designed and created by award-winning, young South African entrepreneur Thato Kgathlanye and her fabulous ... 27-10-2014 | Enterprise | Blog
Bows Jewellery Bows Jewellery Fantastic images of jewellery and gifts created by young entrepreneur Grace Billington and available to buy from her shop at Bows Jewellery 16/01/2014 | Enterprise | Blog

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In Film

Ivory Coast Teenager's Farming Co-Operative Ivory Coast Teenager's Farming Co-Operative 2014 Anzisha Fellow Gabriel Kombassere runs a farming cooperative in the Ivory Coast. Gabrie... 27-10-2014 | Enterprise | Blog
Teen Prodigy Nick D'Aloisio On New News App Teen Prodigy Nick D'Aloisio On New News App The British teenager Nick D'Aloisio made headlines last year when he sold his company to the inte... 18/12/2013 | Enterprise | Blog

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