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EduzineGlobal.com is delighted to have the wholehearted support of many inspirational achievers and young achievers. Here are a small selection of the many positive comments from our friends and supporters.

TV Presenter and NaturalistChris Packham

Television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham spoke with EduzineGlobal.com, as an 'inspirational achiever' about his life and work. Chris said of EduzineGlobal.com:

"I applaud the work of Eduzine in promoting and celebrating nature and wildlife, through their young achiever and inspirational achiever features. I would encourage children just to get out and take a look at the natural world around them. It doesn't matter if you get wet or dirty, you can clean yourself up when you get back. You don't have to go to the Serengeti to have fabulous encounters with wildlife. It can just as easily be a bullfinch on your driveway." 

Team GB Olympic Hockey StarGeorgie Twigg

Georgie Twigg told young readers:

"If you enjoy or have a love for something, then that makes you want to go out and put the effort in. You need determination to succeed. Hard work and determination will get you a long way if you love what you are doing. There will be setbacks along the way, as I have had, but you need to shake yourself off and get back to it and be even more determined and work even harder. You can achieve so much when you seriously put your mind to it and it's amazing when others, like Eduzine, recognise and celebrate those achievements."

Author, Journalist and Public SpeakerRachel Bridge

Rachel Bridge has started her own business, writes for publications such as the Sunday Times, speaks at conferences and has five published books, with a sixth in the pipeline. She is a self-made entrepreneur and is now helping other people reach their dreams with the mantra “how to make a million before lunch”. Rachel said of Eduzine:

“If someone works really hard then celebrate it, but don’t give everyone a prize. I can’t stand sports days where everyone gets a prize. Eduzine is a great medium through which celebrating young achievers can inspire others."

Australian Personality and Child Resilience CoachDi Wilcox

Di Wilcox is a world leader, when it comes to educating and coaching young people and their guardians about resilience and positivity. EduzineGlobal.com is delighted that Di is linking with our team. Di said of the partnership:

"I love EduzineGlobal.com and what Eduzine is all about! I do hope that by aligning what we do, a greater ripple effect will occur to assist and celebrate as many young people as possible."

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