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VIP Membership

Registration for VIP Membership costs just £5.00 per annum. You can join now and benefit from immediate additional content, although the VIP site will not be fully populated and operational until 01 September 2014. However, your first annual membership will cover the period until 31 August 2015, if you register before 01 September 2014. Thereafter, registration will be renewable annually on your registration date. You will be forwarded to paypal upon completion of the registration form and after payment is successfully made, you will be redirected back to the Eduzine Global VIP area to complete registration.

VIP Content will include:

  • Premium feature articles 
  • Guest blogs - From 01 September 2014 only VIP Members will be able to post blogs 
  • Additional blogs, articles, videos not considered appropriate for the main site (ie the ones that got away!)
  • Bulletins containing professional advice, notes, opinions and comments (some strong views) from the Eduzine Global team
  • Resources from Eduzine and our partners, to support people and organisations (schools, colleges, youth services etc) that help young people and provide opportunities for young people to achieve their full potential
  • New developments and information about Eduzine Global, ahead of formal media releases
  • Exclusive event tickets and offers, together with advanced notice of Eduzine Global events
  • Dedicated VIP email contact with our founder and Media Director, Gareth Jones
  • Ability to vote for your favourite in our annual ACE Global Young Achiever Awards

+ If you register before 01 September 2014 you will have the privilege of witnessing the development of the VIP area, with new sections and articles appearing on a regular basis. VIP members can also contribute views and ideas for the site and its ongoing development.

Why have A VIP Area?

Unlike almost all other media sites, Eduzine Global is extremely selective about who we allow to advertise on our site. Therefore, our strong ethical stance means that our readers will not be bombarded with offers, via advertisers' cookies. We believe it is fair to ask for a small financial contribution, recognising the cost of our ethical position and the quality of the VIP content, especially as our commitment to great children's charities means that those organisations would otherwise lose out. Additionally the registration process will provide us with details about where our support is coming from and therefore we can provide more relevant stories.

VIP Members

Registered members will enjoy access to an additional premium library of stories, blogs, videos, bulletins and other content as well as receiving online access to content from the printed 'Eduzine' publication. Use the links below to gain access:

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